About Note Book

An online platform for all collaboration required for new age education

Presenting Notebook, a platform built for modern age education, enabling physically distributed but directionally collocated

teams of educators, learners and guardians to communicate and collaborate across formats, channels and time zones.

It’s our endeavor to transform and enhance the way educators and learners’

communities work remotely and efficiently, under all circumstances.

Our Mission

To ensure nothing comes in the way of education dissemination.

The values we stand for

Education First

Prioritize anything pertaining to education, over everything else.


Understand and solve the needs and challenges faced by teachers, students and parents.


Keep offering newer functionalities that help in propagating education.


Simplify everything that enables and supports continuous learning.

What we strive to do

Care More

With students being in the centre, enable parents and teachers to have an increased level of involvement as well as save time while doing so, through easy to use tools.

Improve Communication

Enable sharing relevant and real time information between teachers, parents and students. Everyone benefits when there is a way to collect mutual feedback!

Offer Relevant Technology

Bring functionalities that are well researched and encapsulates the requirements collected from over 350 teachers and over 600 pairs of parents and students.

Security and Individuality

Ensure all content shared through the platform is secured both from outsiders and even internally within non-relevant groups. Share only with whom you want to share!

Our Services

About our Team

Our team of co-founders are highly trained educators and alumni from Jadavpur University and IIMs – passionate about making a difference and providing thought leadership in the field of education