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Register your organization first
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Add classes & subjects
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Add students for each class
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Use the application now

Instruction to use

Follow below steps to register your organization

  • Organization registration is mandatory for anyone to use the app
  • You could find the 'Register' button on our main page

  • Click 'Register' button to open organization registration page
  • Enter unique organization name, admin user name and email in below section

  • Click 'Register' button to complete the registration process
  • You could find below message if the registration process completed successfully

  • Once registration process is completed system will ask you to validate email id by sending OTP and to set the password

  • If you are not admin or not your email then you can exit the page
  • OTP verification and password set up is mandatory for all during their first login
  • Follow below steps to set password first time

  • User registration is mandatory for anyone to login
  • Default status is set 'Inactive' to any newly added/registered user
  • After OTP verification and password reset the status is set to 'Active'

  • On home page you'll get the 'Login' button
  • Consider 'ju2009it@gmail.com' is a newly added student email id and tried to loin first time
  • Enter email id and click on Loin button

  • Click 'Send OTP' button to receive OTP (please check Spam/Junk folder if you're not receiving any email in your inbox)

  • Enter six digit OTP and click on 'Verify OTP' button

  • Password reset screen will appear only if the OTP verification is completed
  • Type a password that should contain A-Z & a-z & 0-9
  • Once the password is updated then login page will appear
  • Follow below steps to login

  • On home page you'll get the 'Login' button
  • If you're already logged in then you can click 'Login' button directly

  • Enter email id and click on 'Login' button
  • System will redirect you to a new page if more than one mapping found with your id.

  • Select 'Proceed' to continue with the organization.
  • System will show below screen when the user is not registered

  • System will ask for OTP verification and to set password when the user logs in first time for the organization

  • System will ask for password if the user is not logged in
  • After login system will display the dash board directly

  • The App will not ask you to type password again unless it is absolutely required
  • Email id is optional
    Click 'Login' button if you're already logged in
  • Follow below steps to reset password

  • Only 'Admin' can force the user to reset the password
    (Will intoduce this feature as self service in next release)
  • Ask admin to initiate the process for password reset
    Admin needs to perform below task
  • From admin dash-board select 'View Students' tile to view all student list

  • Change the user status to 'Inactive' and click on 'Save'

  • System will force the user to verify OTP and reset the password on next login

  • Follow below steps to add class & subject

  • Only 'Admin' can add class & subjects
  • From admin dash-board select 'Add Class & Subject' tile to existing class & subject combination

  • Existing class and subjects for that class will be available

  • To add new class enter 'Class-8' and related subject and click on 'Add' button

  • Refresh the screen to verify

  • Follow below steps to add new students & teachers

  • Only 'Admin' can add multiple students by uploading excel file
  • To upload excel file select 'Upload Students' from admin dash board

  • Select class from drop down
    Excel template can be downloaded from the link
    Update the excel file by adding email & user name and upload it
    System will display number of parsed rows

  • Click on 'Register' button to create account for them
  • Admin & Teacher can add single user by clicking on tile 'Add Student'

  • Admin can add teacher from here & Teacher can add students from here
  • Select class, enter user email id & name, select role and click on button 'Register'

  • Below message will appear once saved

  • Follow below steps to control user access

  • Only 'Admin' can provide/revoke user access and to do it click 'View Students' from admin dash-board

  • List of all students will be displayed in editable format, User name, roll, section, access and role can be modified as required
  • Admin > Admin can perform all tasks
    Teacher > Teacher can not perform add class, subject & bulk students upload
    Student > Students can only open uploaded links and download documents

  • Active > User can login
    Inactive > User registered but OTP verification required during next login
    Aborted > User is not allowed to login to the system

  • Update student name if required
  • Click on 'Save' button to save the row changes
  • Follow below steps to add/view links

  • Select 'Add/View Links' tile to add/view links
    Links can be a youtube link/any web page related to the topic

  • Select class,section, subject & date and click on 'Find' button to view all available links
  • Only Teacher & Admin can add links by clicking on 'Add' button

  • Click on 'Open' to open the document in new tab, under Available links in above figure
  • Student/teacher can add comments and can post by clicking on 'Post' button and also can select expected viewer for the post as well
  • Follow below steps to upload documents

  • Admin and Teacher can upload documents, notes as attachments

  • Select class subject & date and click on 'Find' button to filter all attachments

  • Once the file is selected then click on 'Upload Notes', 'Upload Tasks' to complete upload process

  • Only the expected viewer can see these files
  • Follow below steps to upload home works

  • Only student can upload home tasks, click on 'Upload/Download' tile to load the page

  • Select the document from 'Choose File' and once the file is selected then click on 'Upload Home Task' button to complete upload

  • Follow below steps to review home works

  • Only teacher can view home works, click on 'View Students' tile, 'Task' button could be found on the end of each student

  • Click on 'Task' button, a new tab with all tasks for that student will be displayed

  • Click on the links under 'Document url' to open the tasks document
  • Follow below steps to view all my home tasks

  • Student can find 'My List' button when 'Upload/Download' tile is selected

  • Click 'My List' button, a new tab will open with all your previous home task documents

  • Different user portals

  • Admin dash board contains seven tiles to perform all tasks

  • Teacher dash board contains five tiles to perform document upload/download & review related tasks

  • Student dash board contains three tiles to view all available docs/links shared by the teacher and to upload home tasks

  • Follow below steps to set up a meeting

  • Admin & Teacher can only block a time slot for meeting or class (currently we're using google meet for live meeting)
  • Select 'Schedule Meeting' tile from dash board to set up meeting
  • Select class, section, subject, meeting date & time, duration and enter meeting agenda and click 'Schedule' button to block the meeting
  • You could find the booked slot on the same page
  • Find below the screen after setup a meeting:
  •   Meetings for today
  •   Meeting upcoming this month
  •   Meeting alreadyhappened this month

  • Click link to view how to initiate the meeting
  • Follow below steps to start a meeting

  • Admin & Teacher can only start a meeting by clicking on 'Start Meeting' button

  • A new tab will open up and ask to sign in your gmail account to start the meeting
  • After sign in the meeting will start then copy the meeting id(ten character long string eg. aaa-bbbb-ccc) from url

  • In the above screen it is 'xbf-vnnd-fkv' and copy the meeting id and set in the text box next to the 'Start Meeting' button

  • Now click on 'Allow others to join' button to start the room. Now students can join the room from the portal
  • Once the meeting id is set then 'Join Now' button will appear and any one can join the class
  • Now your meeting/class is being set
  • Again for security purpose admin will get notification once members are joined and admin has the access to deny if any one is not expected
  • Click link to download attendence sheet
  • Follow below steps to join a meeting

  • Once the meeting is started then students can join the meeting.
  • Student can select 'Schedule Meeting' tile from dash board to view available meeting to join

  • Click 'Join' button to open the meeting. For security purpose login to your gmail account and the meeting will start.
  • Follow below steps to download attendance sheet

  • Once the meeting is over then Admin/Teacher is able to download the attendence sheet by clicking on 'Attendance Sheet'

  • Open the sheet to find the list of students joined today's meeting